Haier Thermocool Upright Freezer HSF-140S
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Haier Thermocool Upright Freezer HSF-140S

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  • 120 Litres storage capacity
  • Stays frozen for more than 4 days after power loss
  • Strong tray for loading food
  • Large ice maker
  • Silver colour
  • 4 wheels
  • Double wire layer evaporator technology
  • Door lock
  • Super freeze indicator
  • Door lock


So you want a freezer but don’t’ have enough space? Get this Haier Thermocool  HSF- 140S upright freezer. It looks like a fridge so will not take up much space.

This model has the Haier Thermocool uniform cooling technology that ensures that everything in your freezer gets freezes uniformly.

With over 4 days freeze capacity after loss of power which is quite common, you need not fret that your food will get bad.

The freezer also comes with Haier Thermocool’s super-fast cooling technology which will quickly freeze your food to keep them fresh.

Because of the large ice maker capacity, you might not need to but ice for your small party because you upright freezer can provide you with all the ice you need.

From an aesthetic angle this silver upright freezer has curved edges that gives it a slick look.

So what are you waiting for? Come right away to Ulo Stores and get your affordable Haier Thermocool upright freezer today.

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