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About Ulo Electronic Stores

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Ulo electronics store located in Warri, Nigeria, was born out of passion for electronic devices. The idea of being able to do a chore as common as blending your food to make it smoooth or control the temperature of your room, something that we take for granted some times is exciting. A couple of years ago, doing these things were impossible but we evolved, we grew and we conquered.

Our Mission Statement

To provide Warri residents with  home and kitchen appliances that are durable, useful and affordable.

We stock electronic devices that an average Nigerian household will find useful  and able to afford. Our prices are at par with other electronics stores in Warri, Delta State and most times, lower. It is our goal to provide home and kitchen appliances that are needed, trusted and affordable.

In as much we rely on electronic devices to make our lives easier, sometimes, they come with unexpected problems that can ruin your entire experience. That is why we stock products from:


Our method is simple and straightforward. If you buy a generator from us for instance and it goes bad, on returning it to us, we will check to see if it is still under warranty. If  it is, you shall get it repaired or changed for a new one depending on the terms of the warranty.

We will educate you on how to take care of your devices to make them last longer and work better for you. In order not to miss any of our posts, you can subscribe to our blog. We will send you an email anytime we write useful articles. We will also send you an email when we have deals that we think you will be glad you were told.

Don’t worry, we will never spam you or send you annoying emails. Promise.

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